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Commercial Pilot license Course in Wrightjet Academy training service covers all aspects of flying training. Some of the students still having a doubt about,"how to become a pilot?". Our flying academy pilot syllabus covers from basic techniques to operate an advanced plane. We train both residents as well as overseas students.

Other specialized pilot training courses include aerobatic training and rating, night rating, flight instrument rating, advance handling courses, flight review, instructor rating, and twin-engine rating.

Wrightjet academy is one of the best flying training academy in the aviation field. Our flight training sessions to suit individual trainee specific flying abilities and training requirement. Once the student steps into the Wrightjet Academy, their commercial pilot license is guaranteed.

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Currently, on our flying academy, about 75% of our instructors are senior instructors, meaning that our student usually goes solo faster than other flying schools. All of our instructors in "Airline and Commercial Pilot Training Program" are well trained and highly experienced, with a diverse range of aviation background from several countries around the world.

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We have experienced support staff in several designated roles on your Commercial Pilot Training | CPL, and these include an international safety, welfare manager, and appointed head of aircraft airworthiness and maintenance control | HAMMC. This supportive structure allows us to deliver a dedicated and focused approach to the welfare and safety of our pilots. Students will learn to fly with ease, comfort, and security.

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We teach our students in our pilot training to fly on modern aircraft with modern avionics. Our pilot’s flying hours are supported by the use of the latest technology in the flight simulator and virtual realities (VR) even when they are on the ground. We have direct airside access from our training base, with a range of aircraft available for pilots at any stage of training, including Multi-Engine Command Instrument Rating. These factors of Commercial Pilot Training have made it easy and sophisticated for every student pilot.

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Private Pilot Course

This certificate allows the student to operate an aircraft day and night under Visual Flight Rules (VFR).

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Commercial Pilot Course

This certificate allows the pilot to operate the commercial aircraft under VFR & IFR.

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Instrument rating course

Instrument Rating Course

An instrument rating is necessary for a professional pilot to fly overcast weather condition.

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Multi-Engine rating course

Multi-Engine Course

Multi-Engine certificate is vital for your job career to enter into the airline.

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I started the Advanced Training Program at Wrightjet Academy. I had the first airline interview, and after half a year, I flew the A320 for the first time, and this is now what I do daily. I am pleased about my time at Wrightjet academy
Wrightjet Academy offered flexible training, reasonable prices, motivated instructors, excellent resources, and modern visions. In the Philippines, you get exposed to all kinds of weather conditions and challenging environments that makes it perfect for training.



Being a professional pilot is something I always wanted to achieve. The hard part was not knowing where to begin my flight training. It was clear the wrightjet academy had truly perfected flight training over many years. Almost immediately, the friendly staff explained to me the course and curriculum which best fit my needs.
In addition to very structured courses and devoted instructors, the academy had training equipment such as the full motion simulator which I thought only existed at airlines. This same equipment not only provided me with real-world experience but also allowed me to save money while being exposed to realistic training on the ground. Between my excellent instructors and advanced simulator experiences, I was beyond prepared to excel in the plane. With a vast fleet of aircraft to training, scheduling was never an issue! I was able to complete my training without any trouble and right on time and budget. Best of all, Wrightjet Academy made my experience not only educational and fun but also allowed me to make lifelong friends with not only fellow students but my instructors.

Jerome Martin


I came to Wrightjet academy through internet browsing. I did not know the aviation field before coming in contact with them. The Counselor gave a detailed explanation of the course, made me confident, and helped me realize my dream of pursuing Pilot Studies in Philippine. I have explained the differences between different flight academy and guided me to choose the apt one.
The basic course on Flight Simulator and ground studies helped me gain confidence and knowledge. It was very supportive and helped me immensely. The Simulator Instructor was very friendly and helped me learn more experience, and he supported me by correcting my mistakes and so on. He gave a good idea of how to pick up knowledge in academy and how to live in a foreign country. The guidance was excellent and very useful for my future.

John Paul


I was very impressed from initial contact with the Wrightjet Academy Team right through to my arrival in Manila, Philippine, for flight training. The staff was accommodating, and I had a great instructor who pushed me to achieve my goal of PPL in 3 weeks of training



The past four weeks were a great adventure for me. It has been a lot of fun, and I had a great time in Philippine and enjoyed it a lot. At Wrightjet academy, everything had perfectly organized and well prepared for international students. At the office, it was just meticulously organized and efficient. My Instructor was very patient. Thank you, folks.