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With the global demand for inadequately skilled pilots in the aviation, our "Airline & Commercial Pilot Training Program" is here to shape the student to meet the airline standard. Our flight academy trainers hold advanced flight instructor certificates to accomplish your goals to become a pilot. Wrightjet Academy is a flying training academy, which is fulfill the universal criteria of Commercial Pilot Training and satisfy of the student's desire through our multicultural training programs to international student.

Wrightjet Academy is one the best aviation market competitor in the country capable of providing the comprehensive airline courses suite of the airline-standard training program. Our flying training course is a specially designed method for the low and reasonable cost of training. We make CPL | Commercial Pilot License within 15 month period!

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We focus your goal, and our trainers always support and motivate students throughout the program. Wrightjet has an enormous number of well-maintained and readily available fleets to use any time to achieve your Commercial Pilot License | CPL. Our vision is to provide comprehensive knowledge of aviation courses and carrier pilot expertise within a short period. We keep improving our pilot training course sessions, and we always take suggestions from the person who trained with us. Our Airline Courses has a reputation and vital mission of producing expert pilots fulfilling the airline standards and ability to handle any emergency conditions.

Wrightjet academy here to answer your questions, which is "what is the Qualification required to become a pilot?”. We customize students training program as per their needs. At the Philippines, the tropical weather condition will not affect your schedule so you can achieve your "Pilot License" dream without delay. Our pursuit is to make you a professional, delicate, dedicated, and skilled pilot.

Learn to fly with us! Wrightjet flying academy admission process is quite fast and straightforward. Our admission experts are here to help and guide you every step of the way. We believe that we are the best and friendliest and most trustful academy around. We make your pilot dreams come true!